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Nova Diagnostics and Research is one of Somalia’s leading diagnostic centers, delivering critical diagnostic, research, and academic services.
Nova operates in the private healthcare sector and provides sophisticated laboratory services ranging from hematology, pathology, and microbiology testing to advanced clinical immunology and molecular biology research.

In addition, our Nova Research & Training Institute which is part of Nova Center is involved in medical research and professional trainings for health professionals and medical students.
NOVA research institute is involved in clinical research, capacity building for medical professionals, dissemination of medical knowledge and skills through trainings, publications, periodic seminars, and medical conferences

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Our Core Values Include

Nova works in the private healthcare environment and offers advance laboratory services, providing extensive range diagnostic services from hematology, pathology and microbiology tests to advanced clinical Immunology, cytogenetic and molecular biology investigations.

At Nova, we provide state of the art unique clinical services that include clinical immunology such as allergy screening and autoimmunity tests, cell phenotyping and HLA typing: molecular testing such as COVID-19 and viral screening, cytogenetics tests for chromosomal abnormalities and genetic diseases and DNA paternity testing.

Our Laboratory Tests

Nova Diagnostics Center

Biochemistry & Endocrinology

The Department of Biochemistry and Endocrinology at NOVA performs various qualitative and quantitative examination of biological fluids such as blood for specific chemical constituents or analytics...

Hematology & coagulation

The Department of Hematology and Coagulation Studies delivers full-service laboratory testing of blood, Peripheral blood smear, bone marrow and other body fluids and tissues...

Immunology & Allergy

The Department of Immunology and Allergy provides cutting-edge technology for the most common immunological and allergic conditions such as food and drug allergy...

Microbiology Department

The Microbiology Department specializes in the diagnosis of infectious diseases covering areas in bacteriology, mycology, parasitology, and virology...

Serology Department

The Serologic tests are blood tests that look for antibodies in the blood, there are various rapid tests which are used to diagnose various disease conditions...

Histopathology Department

The Histopathology Department provides comprehensive cell and tissue diagnostic services. The team is led by a certified Pathologist and composed of highly qualified and ...

Advanced Laboratory Services

HLA Typing

HLA typing is a medical test used to assess whether organ and bone marrow donors are suitably and safely matched to a transplant recipient...


Cross-matching is a test performed before transplantation. Millions of people are in desperate need of Cross-matching on daily basis worldwide...


The purpose of medical cytogenetics is to detect chromosomal abnormalities both numerical and structural that lead to genetic diseases. At Nova diagnostic and ...

tumor screening
Tumor Screening

Tumor Screening aims to spot cancer before symptoms become visible. This may involve blood, urine or DNA tests...

Why People Choose Us

Nova is the first diagnostic center that provided clinical immunology and cytogenetics services in Somalia. At Nova, we have taken the lead in providing advanced diagnostic tests to our patients.

High Quality Lab

Our priority is to provide unparalleled, top tier service. You can easily find items with our wide selection of high-quality laboratory equipment from many different brands.

Unmatched Expertise

We are committed to providing the highest quality of laboratory services, as well as an unmatched level of customer care.

Precise Result

Nova remains steadfastly vigilant in providing the most precise and accurate results possible due to its state-of-the-art methodologies

Qualified Staff

Our highly trained professionals utilize the most advanced technology to meet the individual needs of each patient and physician.

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